New Daily Offices published

November 2019

New Daily Offices have been published and are available for download.

An Alternative Daily Office┬áhas been written with a theme of ‘Christ the King’. The Feast of Christ the King falls on Sunday 24th November in 2019 and this Office could be used until Advent on 1st December.

A new set of Midday Offices is also available, supplementing the long-standing Midday Office with equivalents following the theme of the Daily Office for each day (Mondays with a Pentecost theme; Tuesdays – Advent; Wednesdays – Christmas; Epiphany for Thursdays; Lent and Passion-tide for Fridays with a Midday Office for Saturdays that takes up the theme of All Saints.

Finally, an additional Shorter Daily Office for Saturday, with the theme of ‘Creation’, has been added.

Regular users of the OBM Daily Office are reminded that there is a Daily Office for use for All Saints (Friday 1st November) available on the website.

All Daily Offices are available in PDF format for downloading/printing, in A5 PDF format for downloading to a smart phone or tablet computer, and in Microsoft Word format for editing/printing.